Why eBill Pro - Manufacturer Package ?

eBill Pro- Production Package

eBill Pro Production Package developed for all kind of production which developed for Fly ash bricks, interlocking tile and blocks industry to manage their account, sale, stock, GST Return and Production process. eBill-PRO developed with the help of efficient and experienced minds of Unilead team, Traders, fly ash business owner, Block and tile industrialist, CA, Accountants and other Concerns.

All Businessman want to keep the following information on his/her finger tips

1.Instant information of production and Auto Consumption of raw material used for final product.
2.Reminder for All payment and receipt related to business means when and how much pay to them.
3.How much GST and other taxes has to pay by them and ready to upload with JSON file Supported by GST Portal.
4.Auto feature for eWay Billing so layman can generate the eWay bill on single click.
5.Auto evaluate the Per Pcs Price of final product.

Software for fly ash bricks industry, cemented tile and block industries, software for production and manufacturing industries.

Key Point Which make the software Unique

All-in-one Solution – Unilead is here to provide you with an excellent all-in-one solution for your business. The eBill-PRO is a great way to ease your work as it is quite efficient. 
Secure and Reliable – You can trust on eBill-PRO software when you store data in it. It has a secure interface and will never harm your system.
Customizable – You can customize what you want on the screen and make shortcuts for all the important modules that you often use on the software. 
Eco-Friendly – Unilead believes in giving IT solutions that are eco-friendly, and since we are all about providing the finest results with keeping in mind about other factors, we have created an eco-friendly application. 
Easy to Use – You don’t have to be a computer expert or someone who has used such software before. The eBill-PRO is easy to use for everyone and will make your job swift. 
Extended support – If you have troubles using the software or functions, you can find extended support through Unilead. We are always here to fix all your issues!
Training - Training will be provided by business expert via online as per their business flow
Cost-effective – The eBill-PRO software is cost effective and will help you lifelong. With a top-notch interface, it is one of the finest in the industry at a reasonable price!

Manufacturer Package

Main Feature of Manufacturer Package

Financial Accounting

  • One click Master Setup
  • Production Management through BOM
  • GST eWay billing Solution through API
  • List of Debtors and Creditor
  • Sale Invoices & all type of Vouchers Printing
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Payment Reminder on Dashboard
  • Depreciation Chart
  • Day, Cash, Bank, Sale, Journal & Purchase Book
  • Multiple Financial Years
  • Configurable Statement of A/ C
  • Cash Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Interest Calculation
  • Cheque Printing

Stock Reports

  • All in One Filer Report
  • Item Wise stock ledger and stock summary
  • Stock valuation Detail
  • Batch / serial no. wise Stock Report
  • Location Wise Stock Summary
  • Reorder levels of Min & Max Quantity, flexible units of measure
  • Brand, group and HSN Code wise stock report summary

Customizable invoice Printing

  • Customized Invoice format size wise and design wise
  • Manufacturing / trading excise invoice
  • Multiple-taxes slab in single invoice
  • Option for logos and Term & Condition

Document printing

  • Accounts related voucher & Cheque printing
  • Receipt / payment Print
  • Single and Multiple Ledger Printing facility
  • Sales / purchase invoice
  • Debit note / credit note
  • Sales order / purchase order
  • Receive stock / issue stock / production voucher
  • Sale / purchase return Printing

Sale Report

  • Customize Sale Register
  • Sale report all in One
  • Party wise Sale report
  • Sale Summary Item Group Wise
  • Sale summary Party Wise and More

Purchase Report

  • Customize Purchase Report
  • Purchase Register All in One
  • Purchase Summary Item Wise and more

BOM (Production) Report

  • Item Wise Product Detail
  • Date wise Production detail
  • Labor wise Production Summary
  • Labour wise Production detail Date wise
  • Raw Material Consumption Detail and more

GST and other TAX report

  • Error finding Feature before Upload
  • GST Sale & Purchase Register Summary
  • GST sale & Purchase Register
  • GSTR 1
  • GSTR 2
  • GSTR 3B
  • eWay Bill (Direct through API)

Sales/Purchase Order Management

  • Sale Invoice
  • Sale Return
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase
  • Purchase Return

Advance Features

  • True Window Based Software
  • Multiuser Package
  • All report export in various format
  • Data Security with Backend SQL server
  • Batch wise inventory with expiry date
  • Support Multiple Company
  • Pre-Define Account Group/Master for Quick Startup
  • Multi-level security / user wise Authorization
  • PIctures in Account / item masters
  • Filter Report Facility
  • Post Dated cheque Management
  • SMS & email facility for promotion an Notification
  • Log for modified Transactions
  • Auto Online Feature for Update
  • Auto Online Data backup (On Demand)
  • Backup, restore, re-indexing & packing
Software for fly ash bricks industry, cemented tile and block industries, software for production and manufacturing industries. Software for fly ash bricks industry, cemented tile and block industries, software for production and manufacturing industries. Software for fly ash bricks industry, cemented tile and block industries, software for production and manufacturing industries.

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